Hola, my friends! It’s been a long time since I shared something with you. Lately, I have been reading a lot of books and critical essays.

Also, I have been browsing a lot of videos.

I have realized that the Internet is a like a glass filled to the brim with fascinating stuff. If we stuck ourselves on Facebook and Twitter without delving into the depths of Internet, we would soon reach a saturation point of unproductivity.

Last week, I browsed through zillions of YouTube channels in an attempt to find new music. As I moved from one channel to another, I came across a plethora of playlists that soothed my ears, the feeling I have been yearning for a long time.

After all, introverts live and die by good content.

Music and stories make my “alone time” worth living. So, it makes sense to continually update the playlist and library with good songs and books.

While I managed to find some good tracks, I realized that these songs await their due recognition. Critical listeners are doing a great job at curating playlists but it does not seem enough. While these curated playlists are starting to get attention, it will take a long time for these channels to gain the audience they have been looking for.

So, I have decided to play my part. I might also get lost in the vicinity but hopefully, whoever comes across this piece will be motivated to create a playlist of his/her own and share it with the world.

Beginning today, I will be publishing articles in the series “Recognition Awaited” that would bring forth tracks, videos, lectures, and articles that are too good to avoid.

Today is the first day of the series so, I decided to list down K-pop tracks that I found on YouTube.

“Talking to the Moon” by Kream

“Sweet Life” by Joo Young

“Angel 2 Me” McKay feat. Jeff Bernat

“So Faded” by Bevy Maco

“-다운 로드” by Bamsem

A major credit goes to “WE LOVE KPOP” channel. The channel has some really good song features. If you have got some time, do check out this channel.
Did you like the list? Please share your favourite tracks that you think deserves recognition.