There lay a lifeless soul

17 years ago, it made its way onto earth

Past day, his laugh lightened up the room,

A month ago, his success filled bodies with pride,

A moment ago, his voice soothed them.

There lay his lifeless body,

Beheaded by carelessness,

What evil eye cast its spell upon him?

The living room is a morgue now

There sits a seemingly lifelike figure of a mother

Dying moment by moment, 

She is trying to live her memories with her son She gave birth to 17 years ago.

She wants him back,

He wants back,

They want him back,

A lot needs to be done,

A lot needs to be said,

But he won’t come back

What evil eye cast its spell upon them?

Today, mothers are mourning with her

And behind the doors

As his mother bids him goodbye for one last time,

Several mothers hugged their sons for the first time.