Gathering all her courage,

she stands in front of the mirror

For the last time, she sees

What is going to become her “past self”

What she is going to do will

Change her forever!

One by one, she unbuttons her shirt

And let the upper layer fall

Like a soldier who has come back

from a futile war,

Slowly she removes the armor

that has been bestowed on her.

With just bra concealing

what need not be concealed,

She embarks on a journey

In the search for a new subject.

As music makes her mood,

She indulges in self-voyeurism,

Her fingers continue the trail

from lips to feet,

She examines all the curves she is embodying.

A deep breath, a long stretch

She moves and twirls to the music

And let the remnants fall

Her “self” that has long been hidden from her

Is now coming forth as a well-staged performance

Today, she is the spectator and the performer

And she continues to unfragment herself

Till she peels off the last layer

As the music ends,

A long applause follows

She no longer recognizes

the person she was an hour ago

Transforming into new-born

She steps into the world again

Baptizing herself,

She proclaims her identity

and becomes her own benefactor.