As 2017 knocked on my door, I paid my gratitude to God for helping me reach this point. On the political front, some really disastrous things happened in the year 2016. But I will dwell on it in my later blogs.

On the personal front, the year was a mixed bag. As far as the job is concerned, I started out naïve but now, I have learned a few lessons. I plan to make these lessons my resolutions because I have already adopted them so there is a chance that I won’t break my resolutions.

I resolve to keep my ego at home while going to work. Ego causes blunder and it can create situations leading to dire consequences. I have seen its effect on other people and I don’t want to ruin my life and my relationship with people because of an inability to understand that other people can have different opinions.

Well, human nature always bewildered me but I have seen ego as the prime cause of the negative behaviour I see in people.

Another thing that I resolve to do is be compassionate. What you sow is what you reap.

I cannot throw stones at people and expect them to show me love. The world needs love. It’s high time that we show our humanity towards other people’s issues. I will start with being genuinely thankful to people who (even in the smallest of ways) affect me positively. This is how I will get to know whom to surround myself with.

While my experience at the workplace wasn’t that nice, my freelancing work turned out to be phenomenal. I completed my one year at CelebMix. I literally “started at the bottom”. Over the course of one year, I have had my ups and downs but each and every task I took on CelebMix gave me a confidence that there is no risk in taking the risk.

In June, I got “Writer of The Month” title. Writers at CM are my family. Now, I cannot even imagine my life without them. One of the highlights was writing pieces on BTS. They trended for over a week and got a great response.

So, negatives and the positives balanced out pretty well in terms of work. Now, I am a graduate with a job I have no confidence in and a freelance work I can give my life to. Where I am exactly heading to?

Don’t know and I don’t want to. Let me go with the flow and take one step at the time.

I plan to write a lot of things this year. Today, I just spent my day editing my piece and dancing.

Hope you all have an amazing 2017! Let’s see what’s in store for us.