A few months ago, I got my hands on a Korean series titled “Playful Kiss”. I won’t go into the details of the show but I would definitely like to talk about its female protagonist.

The female lead Oh Ha Ni is a failure. She does not possess any talent. Though she is a great athlete, the fact is neither highlighted nor explored much in the show.

Anyway, one thing that makes Oh Ha Ni stand out is her perseverance. Once she perseveres to achieve something, she overcomes every hurdle to achieving it. Sometimes, she even fails but this does not stop her from trying. Why am I talking about her?

Because Oh Ha Ni’s struggle is a microcosm of what we all go through in our lives daily. A large percentage of population thriving today is mediocre. We don’t have brains like Einstein’s but what we have is the will to make a difference.

To be honest, not every singer can be like Bob Dylan but what every singer/songwriter can do is try and write or perform a song that could send a chill down the listener’s spine.

What matters is the intention. No extraordinary personality ever thought that they are great but what they did do was try to make or do something that could benefit everyone.

In this sense, we are all the same. Had it not been for our mediocrity, no one would have been able to get on and progress. When one extraordinary person gives an idea, there are hundreds of mediocre people who strive to make it true.

You are the reason why we evolved from barter system to cashless economy and you will be the reason for taking everyone to the moon. So, be proud of your mediocrity because it’s useful.

Anyway, as someone once said, “Done is better than perfect”.