When everyone is laughing and talking to ARMY (fandom), he sits quietly in a corner and takes his time absorbing each and every moment playing in front of his ambitious eyes.

In his letter to the ARMY, he is a bit reluctant in revealing his feelings but he gathers strength with the help of his hyungs (seniors) and fans and speaks up his mind. He yearns for that moment of comfort when an ‘eye contact’ will be enough for him to recognize his ARMY.

I assume that he might have spent a great deal of time alone making and breaking his moments of success and failures.

In today’s world, when we spend so much time focusing on ourselves, a thought that someone is praying for your success, that someone is rooting for you is enough to send chill down your spine. It’s quite apparent then, why he cries instantly whenever he receives a shock of love from his hyungs and fans.

You might have got an idea from the title as to who am I talking about.

The man described above is none other than Jeon Jungkook from BTS.

While others express themselves through social interaction, he expresses himself through his art. When you see him dancing to Manolo or Coming Of Age, you don’t see a quiet kid but a dancer who is talking to you through his body moves. He is fierce and intense.
It’s a beautiful spectacle to watch him express himself. It seems that he has two sides and his expressive side only becomes visible when he dances.

Listening from his hyungs, it seems that he  is a masochist who would not mind torturing himself to go a notch higher.

Isn’t that what hard-working people do? They cry on their mistakes, scold themselves, listen to everyone’s criticism silently and then start working on their weak points.

No fan can forget that moment when Jungkook started crying on stage while singing Born Singer. He let the audience sing the rest of his part as he wasn’t happy with his performance.

But when he knows he is right be it in terms of dancing or singing, he does not mind speaking up.

When his manager pranked him by telling him that his position wasn’t right, he showed us his determined self who was pretty confident that he took the right position.

That moment was one of those rare moments when he was speaking up. This man is still learning the ways of the world but in the struggle to be his best self, you see a man who is confident of his dream. He knows what he good at and no one can argue about it.

Out of all the members from BTS, Jungkook’s personality resonates with me the most.

He seems to be an introvert to me. It’s my assumption though. But it’s hard to ignore his struggle in public conferences. Speak when necessary. Comfortable with his close friends and family. These traits suits well to Introvert only.

Being one myself, I see glimpses of those traits in Jungkook. If I am just assuming, I am happy doing that.

Anyway, what makes me look upto him is his dedication towards his work. We are of almost same age, so, it’s good to have someone like him with whom I can relate in terms of struggle and personality.

The reason why he is my bias. I love each and every member of BTS for different reasons but in terms of personality and behaviour, no one comes close to Jungkook.