In that room

when silence steps in

his gaze directs towards me.

He expects something

An undecipherable aspiration

An incomprehensible trust

My head tilted, I snatch some moments

When I look at him

perpetually looking at me

trying to search for an answer.

When I sit in silence and look back

I often fret over these moments

when I had nothing to say.

What is it that he wants me to say?

sometimes, perplexed and exhausted

I feel blessed that I had nothing to say.

We all have a saturation point

I have probably reached mine

He wants to push me further

But I think if I move a step further

I will fall off the cliff and

won’t have anything to say at all

But isn’t it better?

I stay silent because I fear to make mistake

But maybe I should jump off the cliff

And be remembered for taking a chance

For grabbing a chance when I did

Have something to say.